Registration Instructions

The purpose of the Community Food Programs (CFP) Database is to build connections between Oregonians and their local and regional food system. The CFP Database also hopes to build connections and support for all organizations engaged in building a healthy, accessible food system for Oregon.

Toward this end, we encourage organizations with programs in any of the following areas to register for inclusion in the Community Food Programs Database:

  • Advocacy programs related to food security and/or food systems
  • Education programs related to food security and/or food systems
  • Farmers' markets
  • Community Gardens or other garden programs
  • Food production and processing, such as community kitchens, farms, and land trusts
  • Gleaning organizations
  • Food sales, such as roadside stands marketing local produce

For questions regarding the suitability of particular organizations, programs or businesses, please contact Food for Oregon with your questions.


The CFP Database is looking for programs that fit into our stated mission. To have your program listed in the database,  complete the 4-step registration process below. For organizations who are already in the database and looking to navigate the new website, please Create a valid site account and then email that information to Food for Oregon.

  1. Create a valid site account. This will require a valid email address, which will be verified by sending a welcome message with further instructions. In the future, you may use this account to make changes to your entries.
  2. Login and create an Organization profile. You will be required to enter certain contact and operational information. You will also be asked to type a brief mission statement for your organization.
  3. Once you have completed the Organization, add at least one Program on that Organization page. In this section you will be asked to enter program specific information, such as the Program Area your program falls under, program contact info, and details of your program. For search purposes we require that you enter at least one program area with contact information. You may enter as many programs as you like, but please only enter programs that are currently active.
  4. Once you have submitted the information, your registration will be reviewed and a confirmation email sent to the email address you provided.


Inclusion in the Community Food Programs Database does not affiliate your organization with Oregon Food Bank as a member agency, Oregon State University or Oregon State University Extension Service. By completing this form, you are agreeing only to have your information accessible to the general public via the web on a website hosted by Oregon State University. Oregon Food Bank, Oregon State University and Oregon State University Extension Service take no responsibility for the content of any resulting calls or visits to your organization/program for further information and make no claims of responsibility for their outcome.